About Us 

Our Story
“Estoy Bien - I'm Okay” is a project created by Maritza Cardenas to bring awareness to the misunderstood disease, lupus, in memory of her mother. "Growing up, every time I asked my mother how she was feeling, her response was always the same, "Estoy Bien - I'm Okay." In reality, she was not. The name of the awareness campaign stems from her response. "Almost ten years ago, my mother passed away from lupus. In her memory, I want to bring awareness to this disease in hopes of increasing our knowledge about lupus and creating a better community for those who suffer from it." -Maritza Cardenas

Our Mission
The “Estoy Bien” Lupus Awareness Project’s mission is to create a better society for those living with lupus by spreading awareness and educating the public about the disease; and by providing resources for students that have been affected by lupus in hopes of guiding them towards a successful educational career.

Our Vision
We envision a world that has a better understanding of lupus, and a comprehensive society that supports the success of students that have been affected by lupus who are pursuing a higher education.

How We Are Helping
We spread awareness and educate the community about lupus through social and on-site outreach programs that emphasize the importance of how lupus is currently affecting the lives of 1.5 million individuals in the United States. We strive to become an organization that provides support to students who have been affected by lupus by giving them access to resources that’ll support their educational and professional development needs.