A post by Julie Bien - a woman affected by lupus

We recently came across an amazing post written by Julie Bien, a young woman with lupus. The post was published by Vox on Oct 12, 2015, a week after Selena Gomez announced that she has lupus. 

I have lupus. Here are 8 things

I wish people understood about my disease.

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1) I'm basically allergic to myself

2) A "good day" is a day I can function at all

3) Just because we're working doesn't mean we're okay

4) The medication can be just as bad as the disease

5) Treatment can radically damage your looks (and your self-esteem)

6) I have to cancel plans — a lot

7) I'm not going to get better

8) Lupus means I may never be a mother

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Maritza Cardenas