About "Estoy Bien" Lupus Awareness Project

THE GOAL of the “Estoy Bien” Lupus Awareness Project is to bring awareness to a disease that people don’t really know – LUPUS. You may have heard of lupus, but do you really know how it affects the lives of those that develop the disease, and their loved ones? We envision a world that has a better understanding of lupus; and we believe that through education, fundraising efforts, and by developing a supportive community, we'll be able to create a better society for those who suffer from the disease. 

THE PROJECT consists of two ongoing programs; the "Estoy Bien" on-site awareness program; and  education and advocacy through social media. Through the on-site awareness program, we are providing informational materials about lupus, as well as using virtual reality storytelling to help viewers develop a more in-depth understanding of the life of someone with lupus. Through social media, we are connecting with lupus patients, and their families. We want to speak up. We want to share everyone's story. We want to spread awareness. 

WE ENCOURAGE YOU to become involved with the project! In order to succeed in accomplishing our mission,  we need your help! We're looking for people to share their stories, for communities to partner with us, and for volunteers to help us continue spreading awareness! If you're interested in becoming involved, please reach out to us here


Introductory video of the "Estoy Bien" Lupus Awareness Project 

Maritza Cardenas