There are currently no organizations dedicated towards educating our youth about lupus; which is key to early detection. There are also no bilingual organizations that are focused in educating minority communities in America about the effects of this disease, in both English and Spanish. 

Help us fill this gap. Help us fund the
"Estoy Bien" Lupus Awareness Foundation.

  •  35% of the funds from this campaign will help cover the startup costs in order for us to file as a 501C3
  • 50% of the funds will be used to supply educational materials to the different campuses that we'll be visiting throughout 2017
  • 25% will be used to cover internal organizational costs.
    •  Such as a stipend for our volunteers  (who are also lupus warriors)
    • Transportation fees - drive large distances within LA to reach a vast audience
    • Meals/snacks (for organizational volunteers during our college visits) 

Thank you for your support!  Help us get things started Here